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As a corporate and governmental employee as well as an independent business owner, DW Environmental has over 20 years of experience in developing guidance, ensuring compliance, and conducting assessments for both stationary and mobile sources of air emissions. Among the types of projects for which Deborah Wilson has successfully completed air quality analyses are airports, mass transit facilities, pulp and paper facilities, phosphate companies and a wide variety of highway improvement projects.

Deborah is proficient in all aspects of the work related to air quality including hands-on technical involvement with emissions inventories, atmospheric dispersion modeling, meteorological data processing, permit applications, environmental impact assessments and coordination with clients and regulators. She is well-versed in General and Transportation air quality conformity determinations and numerous air quality models, including: AERMOD, MOBILE/MOVES, EDMS and AEDT.

We offer consulting for:

Air Quality Modeling

Air Quality Permitting

Meteorology / Climatology

Transportation Planning Regulations

Transportation Facility Permitting

Environmental Impacts

Emission Inventories for Criteria, HAP and GHG Pollutants

State Implementation Plan (SIP) Budgets & Conformity

Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Project Analysis

Project Management

Training & Instruction

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